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How to protect and drive your car in storm Ciara

How to protect and drive your car in storm Ciara        10/02/20


Storm Ciara caused devastation across the UK yesterday with winds of up to 92mph battering the nation leading to roads closures and travel chaos. As strong winds continue to hit the UK closing some roads and bridges, is it safe to drive today? Is it safe to drive today? Is it safe to park my car outside? Storm Ciara sparks advice for UK motorists


Driving during the storm

The UK Met office has predicted for the next 5 days “Remaining windy. Colder with wintry showers and ice for some.” Driving in icy or wet roads during windy conditions is simply, a recipe for disaster so making sure that safety comes first is vital. The storm so far has seen many accidents and disasters with tree’s and flooding happening all over the UK. Motorists are warned clean-up operations could last throughout the week which could cause delays to journeys.

Yellow weather warnings are in place across the South East with Met Office officials saying some delays to road, rail. air and ferry transport were still likely. Delays for high-sided vehicles on exposed routes were also possible as motorists were purged to take extra caution on the roads. Yellow warnings for snow and ice are in place around parts of Scotland with The Met Office warring of further delays and some stranded vehicles. Weather warnings in the aftermath of these tromp remain in place across some areas of Scotland until Wednesday.

Motorists must check their windscreen wipers are fully functional ins trim weather as failure to clear a screen can lead to vision impairments. Wet weather could reduce your overall grip and traction on the road surface which can lead to aquaplaning or skidding. You can avoid this by making sure your tyres are inflated to the correct level and that the tyre tread depth is not lower than 1.6mm

Parking in storm Ciara

If you are parking outside, maybe on a street side or driveway, there can be dangers that can cause damage to your car. If you’re on the Motability scheme then you are lucky enough that if your vehicle incurs damage then, the scheme can pay for this. However, whether you are on the scheme or not, any sort of damage is a problem. Wind can blow tree’s, branches or bins across the roads or lanes sending them crashing into a parked car.

The advice being given is, make sure when parking that there are no potential fall hazards that could come down or loose light weight object laying around the vehicle that wind could carry. If possible, parking your car in a garage or an open car park would be ideal.


Your car insurance can even be invalid of companies find out your vision was not up to scratch at the time of an accident. In storms, RAC expects say motorists must weigh up whether their journey is necessary before leaving their driveway.

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