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The Demise and Death of the Volunteer Driver.

Community Transport, Football and other Sports Clubs, Church Groups, Extra Curricular Activity Groups, School Teams, Nurseries, Registered Charities, After School Clubs, Youth Clubs, Rural Community Groups, Residential homes;

……………from the 1st of November, volunteer driving in Northern Ireland will change forever.

Almost every person in Northern Ireland has been, or knows someone who has been driven to an activity or appointment by a volunteer driver and these days are coming to an end. The lack of a functioning government in Northern Ireland has led directly to the implementation of legislation which puts the present system on its head.

Despite repeated requests for justification, clarification or alternative propositions, from next Wednesday, Volunteer Minibus Drivers will be required to have a D1 test, CPC, Drivers card and use a tachograph. At a cost of over £1000 and the need to take a week to get these requirements, very few people have the resources to invest, to be a volunteer. It is hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel.

Community Transport groups who provide a much needed service to people who, for many reasons, can’t use standard transport routes, will no longer be able to provide these services. Without being dramatic, the death of the volunteer driver and the permit system is also very likely to lead to the death of some of those amongst us who are most at need and most vulnerable.

We ask you to look at everyone you know and think about how they will be affected if there are no more volunteer drivers and then support the campaign to save volunteer drivers and community transport. Please visit to find out how together we can make our voice heard to stop the destruction of this fundamental cornerstone of our community.

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