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Roof Box

A car rooftop stowage unit or Chair Topper could be a solution if you transport a manual wheelchair, and need to use your boot to store other items. They can usually be installed on either the passenger or driver side.

The rooftop stowage unit allows you to store a folded wheelchair, in a box, on the roof of your car. An electric hoist lifts the folded wheelchair from the ground and then manoeuvres it into the rooftop box. Consider the places where you normally park your car as rooftop stowage systems may mean that you are no longer able to park in underground car parks where there are height restrictions.

What is a Chair Topper/Roof Box?

A Chair Topper / Roof Box is a covered box secured to the roof of a vehicle used to carry bulky items in our case, wheelchairs. They allow the wheelchair user to store a conventional folding wheelchair inside a watertight cover. A Chair Topper allows the wheelchair user to transport their chair without taking up interior space that may not be available.

How does a Chair topper work/Roof Box?

Operation of the Chair Topper is very simple. Once in the driver's seat, a remote handset can be used to slide the roof top box out. A winch then lowers over the driver's door, so it can be easily slipped under the canvas base of the wheelchair. The winch then lifts the chair up into the roof box.

If you would like a demonstration or any further information on the chair topper system please give us a call.

Adaptations are available to both private and Motability customers through McElmeel Mobility Services Ltd, for further information please contact one of our Adaptation Specialists by phone on (028) 3752 5333 or email

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