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Hand Controls

If you find using standard pedals for braking or acceleration difficult, you may be better off using a hand control such as a push/pull device. This popular adaptation allows you to control the speed of the car with your hands by pushing or pulling a lever to accelerate or brake. There are various hand controls available, but the basic function is the same across most models. They range from more basic mechanical push/pull systems to electronic or air compression systems. Please be aware if you're considering a push/pull device, you will also need to choose a car with an automatic gearbox. We have Push/Pull Controls installed on our demonstration vehicle for you to view. If you would like a demonstration of these and to try out for yourself, then we recommend contacting one of our Adaptation Specialists.

What Are Hand Controls and Who Are They For?

The hand control is a specifically designed device to allow those not able to use the standard foot pedal the ability to accelerate and brake via hand controls. There are also models suitable for those suffering from some upper body weakness as well.

Hand controls are traditionally in the form of a push and pull lever, although there are also air compression or electronic systems available. There are many different models of hand controls on today’s market. The basic function remains the same across all models with most modern hand control adaptations offering straightforward, light and responsive operation controlled by the hands rather than the legs.

The Different Types of Hand Controls.

Push/Pull Hand Controls


These are one of the most widely used options and are suitable for most types of vehicle. The conventional foot controls remain in place and can therefore be used normally by other
nominated drivers. The basic functions work by pushing forward to brake and pulling back to accelerate.

 Floor Mounted Hand Controls


Also suitable for most vehicles, the floor mounted hand control is installed to the left of the steering wheel with straightforward controls. Pull back to accelerate and push to brake. 

Over Ring and Push Brake


This transfers the accelerator control from the pedal to an additional ring positioned over the steering wheel, the ring can be pressed by the thumb or palm of the hand to activate the accelerator.

Under Ring and Push Brake


Of a similar nature to the over ring, the under ring is behind the steering wheel itself, in order to accelerate the ring is pulled towards the steering wheel, the lever attached to the right is the push braking system.


Radial Hand Controls

These operate in a similar way to the push/pull control, with the lever mounted underneath the steering wheel, the lever is located closer to the rim and is pushed downwards towards the floor. The brake and accelerator functions are often lighter to use than the traditional push/pull operation, as the lever has more room to move.

Hand control adaptations are available to both private and Motability customers through McElmeel Mobility Services Ltd, for further information please contact one of our Adaptation Specialists by phone on
(028) 3752 5333or email


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