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Hand Controls

Hand Controls

Hand controls are specifically designed for drivers who cannot operate foot pedals, allowing them to manage the brake and accelerator using a push/pull single lever.

Features of Hand Controls:

  • Functionality: Enables the driver to control the brake and accelerator by hand.
  • Customisation: Each hand control system is tailored to the specific make and model of the vehicle, ensuring optimal performance and comfort.

Hand controls provide a safe and efficient driving solution for those who need an alternative to traditional foot pedals.
  • Push/Pull Hand Controls

    Push/Pull Hand Controls

    These are one of the most widely used options and are suitable for most types of vehicle. The conventional foot controls remain in place and can therefore be used normally by other nominated drivers. The basic functions work by pushing forward to brake and pulling back to accelerate.

    Available with indicator toggle or headlight dip options.
  • Floor Mounted Hand Controls

    Floor Mounted Hand Controls

    Also suitable for most vehicles, the floor mounted hand control is installed to the left of the steering wheel with straightforward controls. Pull back to accelerate and push to brake.
  • Push brake only

    Push brake only

    This hand control, controls the foot brake only. The pedal remains in place and can be used by other drivers. The basic function works by pushing forward to brake.

Hand Controls Video