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Hand Brake Modifications

Hand Brake Modifications

The easy release handbrake is designed for vehicles with a manual handbrake, providing an accessible solution for drivers with limited hand function.

Benefits of the Easy Release Handbrake:
  • Reduced Grip Requirement: Minimises the grip needed and eliminates the need to depress the button with the thumb.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Allows the driver to engage the button without thumb articulation, using increased mechanical advantage to reduce the force required.
  • Improved Accessibility: Ideal for users who struggle to grasp and pull a conventional handbrake.

For conventional style handbrakes, there are two options available: standard or inline, ensuring a suitable fit for various vehicle types.
  • Electric Park Brake

    Electric Park Brake

    Drivers with mobility restrictions when using a standard hand brake will find the electric park brake provides a seamless and user-friendly experience.
  • Easy Release Hand Brake

    Easy Release Hand Brake

    Designed for drivers with limited hand function, easy release hand brakes reduce the amount of grip required.