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Hand Brake Modification

When it comes to Driving a Motor vehicle everyone encounters one obstacle or another in their pursuit of happy motoring. One issue some people might have is simply engaging a handbrake, this can be due to a disability or weakness in the hands, arms, elbows, shoulder, etc. With an electric handbrake we disable the standard handbrake and replace it with a simple to use Switch.

There are two main types of handbrake modifications on offer:


The Electric Handbrake engages and releases the handbrake using an electric motor. So, instead of the driver having to push in the detent button and then pull the lever up, all that’s required is the flick of a switch.
The Handbrake switch is placed in the most convenient position for the driver, either on the centre console or on the dash.


The Handbrake Easy Release easily fits over a standard handbrake and allows the user to engage the button without articulation of the thumb. This allows users who have difficulty flexing their thumb joint an easy alternative to a vehicle with an electric handbrake.

The adaptation also benefits users who find it difficult to grasp and pull a standard handbrake. To apply the brake, the standard handbrake easy release can be engaged by simply lifting your hand up when your palm is flat and facing upwards.
Increased mechanical advantage reduces the amount of force required to depress the handbrake button.

Adaptations are available to both private and Motability customers through McElmeel Mobility Services Ltd, for further information please contact one of our Adaptation Specialists by phone on (028) 3752 5333 or email

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